The Chilli Alchemist "The Eternal Flame"

Rating: ⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥🔥 So for the first time I'm going in on a second product from an earlier review. Hailing from Bristol here's what I thought of the @thechillialchemist "The Everlasting Flame" hot sauce.

_ 👁 As with the previous product I think the design needs real work. It's better for sure and I like the black rip effect but the image is just far too dark and undefined. You can't read any of the writing and the font for the ingredients is practically illegible. Needs a designer to look at it. _ 👅 I just get vinegar mainly. Followed by limited flavour from the chillis. There's some other good ingredients in there but for some reason they're not really coming through. The heat is also not massively pleasant, it was a very slow onset but just burned my tongue for around 10 minutes afterwards in a kind of stingy annoying way not an exciting firey way. _ 👬 Hot sauce on everything... BUT it has to add something. This would work in cooking or with something that already has a lot of flavour, say a chilli dog, but I wouldn't use with something delicate. _ 🍕 It's actually a pretty good thickness but slightly odd consistency. Could have done with a tiny bit more blitzing. Not a bad old dip though.


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