The Smokey Carter Chipotle Mayo

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat: 🔥 It's SPICY MAYO TIME. @thesmokeycarter are an artisan producer based in Manchester, one of my favourite cities in the UK and a particularly good place for food of all kinds, from vegan burgers to gorgeous currys. Here's my review of their Chipotle Mayo!

_ 👁 This is a pretty good looking sauce. The lid is gold which is often a winner and the colours of the label have been chosen to compliment the colour of the sauce itself. There's a bit of dead space, which when it's filled with block colour rather than a subtle pattern for example can look a little cheap but they seem to pull it off. The font and logo are pretty bang on too. _ 👅 Yes! This sauce is THICK, but not in a gelatinous supermarket way, it's genuinely thick because it's been mixed that way. The flavour starts with the subtle tang of classic mayo followed by a tiny bit of bitterness which was interesting. Then you start to taste that lovely smokey chipotle flavour, this is real chipotle too not a flavouring. Finally the spice comes and it's hotter than I expected, often with these spiced mayos you don't get any but this is delayed and really pleasant. _ 👫 I road tested this by knocking up some chipotle, honey and balsamic pork medallions (pictured) and popping some of the sauce and a piece of meat in a roll. Went down like a dream. Also try chipotle mayo with chips and southern fried chicken! _ 🍕 This may even be a tiny bit too thick for the perfect dip but I'd rather thick than thin with mayo. It sticks well, you'll just have to use more. Which is not a bad thing in this case!


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