Tubby Tom's "The Squealer" Hot Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥🔥 I've had my eye on Tom and his colourful hat for a while. He doesn't seem to take life too seriously... let's see how seriously he takes his sauce making! This is my take on his squealer hot sauce.

_ 👁 I'm a sucker for a good design and this is f**king wonderful. I mean it's his face with war paint on! It's been properly designed too, they've kept the colours to a handful and emblazoned the bottom with a tasteful custom font. I like the little blobs on the seal at the top too tying it all together. Tom himself looks happy, that makes me happy. _ 👅 This is a crowd pleaser but that's not a bad thing. The first thing I noticed was the sweetness followed by a tangy kick from the red wine vinegar. A great starter sauce this isn't going to blow your head off but packs enough heat for you to know it's there. He's added paprika and a few other spices too but not gone overboard with it, this feels feel inoffensive but well balanced. Definitely the work of an experience sauce sommelier. _ 👭 I road tested this on some baked sweet potatoes with all the trimmings and it was lovely. With the addition of some soured cream it was a match made in heaven. _ 🍕 It's slightly too thin to be the perfect dip but the bottle neck is made to accommodate. This is a classic hot sauce consistency for sprinkling not dipping.


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