"Very Chipotle Wow" Chipotle Pepper Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 Next up straight outta Northern Ireland is @verychipotlewow and their Chipotle Pepper Sauce. I was excited to try this one, as looking at their Insta page the creator has been on a saucy adventure around the world!

👁 Big fan of the bottle. I think I've said before that I like these bottles as they look like they should house booze not sauce and that's cheeky. The label is minimalist, not mind blowing but it definitely works. I like the little tag with the use by date too, gives it a kind of rustic farmers market vibe. _ 👅 I'm a sucker for chipotle and these guys deliver. First thing you get is the tang of the vinegar and tomato, then that characteristic smokiness followed by the subtle pleasant heat of the chillis. It's quite a savoury sauce this, maybe it's the peppers added as well as the chillis, personally I would add a tiny bit more sweet to it but that's just my preference. It's a really well balanced sauce, no flavour dominates the other. _ 👬 This sauce wants to be with Mexican food. The smoky savoury flavour just works really well. Either in a burrito or in your chilli. That said as it's not too hot just use it as a table sauce, with pizza, chips, the lot! _ 🍕 They've nailed the consistency. Which is hard to do with natural ingredients as you've got to get the balance right. It's thick but not a jelly and satisfying. Maybe a tiny bit tough to get out the bottle but that's a small price to pay.


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