Hot Sauce Review: Yugo Chipotle Garni Hot Sauce

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Rating: ⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 @yugo_spice very kindly sent me a bottle of their chipotle garni hot sauce to give it go. On taking a look at their website it seems the company was founded by an impoverished student who had expensive taste in food. Let's see how that relates to their sauce!

_ 👁 It looks cool. I love the use of colours, there's lots of them but they've been chosen to match so it looks professional. The logo is sleek and the bottle the standard Worcestershire sauce bottle, oddly it didn't come with a tamper evident seal. Maybe as it was a sample... _ 👃 It doesn't smell of much... and I'm really trying here. Maybe a touch of vinegar and a little citrus with mixed herbs. There's also a tiny savoury undertone but not much smokiness, which is weird for a chipotle sauce. _ 👅 Much like the nose suggested it doesn't taste of anything exciting. There's a citrus vinegar touch, it's slightly sweet. Then you get an almost hollow spice, probably explained by the lack of fresh chillis. Overall this feels lazy to me, literally like a student made a sauce with a hangover to prank their mates but weren't really invested. I hope that wasn't the case but either way I'd go back to the drawing board with this one. _ 👭 I wouldn't really put this on my food. It's probably better as a cooking ingredient, to add a little spice to a chilli or mix it with mayo. _ 🍕 It would be a good dipping consistency if you could get it out of the bottle. See video, when bottling in 150ml you need to adjust the recipe to be a little thinner, or it won't come out.


Condimaniac limited, Registered in the United Kingdom Company number: 12042466