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We help foodies avoid boring meals by exploring what they eat, then finding the perfect hot sauce to match. 

We understand the challenge. You're a foodie, you make glorious meals and then end up using the same old sauce.

We've tasted hundred of sauces and sold thousands of bottles all so that we can help you.


You just need to find your flavour.

  1.  Read below and get to know your hot sauce.

  2.  Explore our range and discover what they pair with.

  3.  Choose your sauce based on what you eat.

  4.  Place an order and enjoy the right sauce for the occasion.

know your hot sauce

Great hot sauce is all about balance.  It's important to know what you're tasting so that you can be sure you've found the right flavour for the occasion. Our hot sauces focus on 3 key areas.


The base flavours that make any sauce enjoyable. Salt, sweet, sour and savoury.


How quickly it arrives (onset), how intense it is at its peak and how long it lingers.


The flavours that set the sauce apart. Be it spices or a fruity twist.

Ready to find yours?

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